Why Us?

I'm Omar, I'm not Colombian but I do live here a lot. I'm a middle aged single guy, probably like you. For most of my adulthood, I was single and when I could afford it, I would call escorts. So I know what it's like to see escorts.

I know what it's like to luck out sometimes and get a really sexy, nice, friendly girl that makes me forget about the money I just spent, and what it's like to end up with a skank! I know what it's like to be stood up by them and to be disappointed with them.

And Most of all; to be rushed to finish.

When I started with escortincolombia.com, my goal wasn't to make lots of money. It was, believe it or not, to spend more time with escorts.

I couldn't afford to spend lots of time with them without breaking my wallet. So I figured since I'm web developer and know enough seo, having an escort site would be a good fit for me. I could meet them, take pictures of them, find them work and most of all; "play" with them.

And because it was about having fun first, I only wanted the good escorts, ones I would like to be with. I didn't care about the money, it was about having fun with the girls. If I could have nice escorts come over all the time, I would be happy. That was my mentality when I started and it's the same today.

So I only looked for the good ones, I tried them myself first, without mentioning anything about the site or more work. I justed wanted to see how they were. A lot of them disppointed me, but a few were good and those were the ones, and are the ones, I offer to bring them referrals.

Just to give you an example, one girl, Linda, came over dressed like a fashion model, spoke decent english and told me some interesting facts about Colombia I didn't know. We actually had an interesting conversation for a change, without jumping to bed right away. While we talked, she wasn't in hurry to get on with it. She was enjoying her time too. It's hard to explain but she just seemed to be living in the moment without worrying about what she has to do later. I won't get into the details of what happened in bed, but I will say that her attitude in bed was the same, enjoying the moment and letting everything happen naturally, without worrying about anything else.

Girls like that are hard to find, especailly if they're escorts.

But I'm lucky enough to have found a few, by trial and error, there's no other way. And it did cost me a lot, but I'm glad to do it.

There aren't a lot of them and they aren't always available. But there's usually a couple of them available.

I don't wanna give you the wrong impression, please don't think that money isn't an issue, it is, they do it for the money of course. But some also have fun and enjoy it, and they enjoy meeting interesting people like tourists from other countries and others. It's just a good attitude they have and it's something that can't be tought, some people have it and some don't.

I wish I could tell you you'll get a refund if you're not happy but I can't obviously. However, I can say that nobody ever complained after seeing one of these escorts. Others took the time to email me and tell me they had a very nice time with their escort, that's without me asking.

What's even more interesting, is that many will ask to see the same girl again and again. Even when I suggest another girl because the one they wanted isn't available, they would say "I'll wait until she's available". What does that say about the girl?

It's easy to say "We have the hottest, sexiest girls..etc", isn't it? Well I think that's a given. Their attitudes are what makes the difference.

If I refer an escort to you, you can be sure she will have a good attitude, not just a good body.

Don't risk being taken for a ride or even robbed by a cheap one. Google the term Devil's Breath

Enjoy yourself with a finer escort, that's friendly, sexy, nice, safe to be with and fairly priced.

Colombian women are sexy as hell. You're right to look for them and you better not leave without being with one, at least!

colombian girls

Either way, I hope you enjoy your stay in Colombia.