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International Bookings- Make the vacation or business a little more exciting.

InternationalbookingsPlanning a trip to the sassiest city in Asia? Shanghai and Beijing have a lot to offer, plenty to experience and many places for sightseeing, after your boring boardroom meetings. The nights are hot when the pubs, bars and discos come alive, and there are many hot spots to dine and wine too. However, wouldn’t it be boring for you to be cooped in the four walls, ordering room service? Or maybe boring to roam around the city, all alone? This is why, we ask you to make things spicy and naughty, for a little fun didn’t kill anyone.

Where to find a hot date?.

You could take a look online and our galleries are filled with hot women who know intuitively how to keep a man happy. The largest cities such as shanghai and Beijing too have hot escorts, willing and waiting to be with you and for your call. Hong Kong is happening, and the range of escorts you find here are stunningly gorgeous and wild, yet decent and cute to be with any time.

The services.

1. Planning a business trip and if you need company, also a corporate wife, our escorts would show you what it means t
  • Yvonne

    Yvonne 20 Yrs
  • Veronica

    Veronica 22 Yrs
  • Stella

    Stella 20 Yrs
  • Sonia

    Sonia 23 Yrs
  • Selena

    Selena 21 Yrs
  • Scarlet

    Scarlet 22 Yrs
  • Salma

    Salma 20 Yrs
  • Riana

    Riana 26 Yrs
  • Ria

    Ria 24 Yrs
  • Pearl

    Pearl 22 Yrs
  • Nina

    Nina 27 Yrs
  • Nikita

    Nikita 20 Yrs
  • Monique

    Monique 19 Yrs
  • Moni

    Moni 20 Yrs
  • Mille

    Mille 22 Yrs
  • Lulu

    Lulu 20 Yrs
  • Lola

    Lola 22 Yrs
  • Linda

    Linda 20 Yrs
  • Leria

    Leria 26 Yrs
  • Kate

    Kate 23 Yrs
  • Jolie

    Jolie 22 Yrs
  • Janet

    Janet 21 Yrs
  • Ilona

    Ilona 18 Yrs
  • Holly

    Holly 20 Yrs
  • Harper

    Harper 20 Yrs
  • Gaby

    Gaby 22 Yrs
  • Evie

    Evie 28 Yrs
  • Emma

    Emma 21 Yrs
  • Dara

    Dara 19 Yrs
  • Danda

    Danda 20 Yrs
  • Cora

    Cora 25 Yrs
  • Chanel

    Chanel 29 Yrs
  • Celine

    Celine Yrs
  • Alice

    Alice 23 Yrs
  • Cassandra

    Cassandra 22 Yrs
  • Antonia

    Antonia 22 Yrs
  • Amelia

    Amelia 26 Yrs
  • Alesha

    Alesha 20 Yrs
  • Zia

    Zia 19 Yrs
  • Yakuro

    Yakuro 20 Yrs
  • Vike

    Vike 18 Yrs
  • Vena

    Vena 22 Yrs
  • Tricia

    Tricia 20 Yrs
  • Tiana

    Tiana 23 Yrs
  • Suki

    Suki 18 Yrs
  • Saki

    Saki 21 Yrs
  • Saiame

    Saiame 19 Yrs
  • Rena

    Rena 26 Yrs
  • Rave

    Rave 23 Yrs
  • Preta

    Preta 20 Yrs
  • Musa

    Musa 22 Yrs
  • Muimui

    Muimui 23 Yrs
  • Mirian

    Mirian 24 Yrs
  • Miko

    Miko 22 Yrs
  • Maris

    Maris 27 Yrs
  • Maddi

    Maddi 22 Yrs
  • Linda

    Linda 18 Yrs
  • Lima

    Lima 21 Yrs
o be a professional personal assistant. She knows how to woo clients with her glamour and wit, helping you bag a deal. At night, she would take you around the city and explore the sheets later that evening, to steam things up. 2. Exploring the city on your own is fun but in an unknown place it can get really boring. So when you have one of our ladies with you, shopping, dining, watching a movie, sightseeing et al gets lively and you get to learn more. Make it enjoyable with a fancy friend in your arms, and be the envy of other men around. 3. In life it is a must to have a holiday, which is a break from the daily rigmarole of boardroom meetings and events. Every man has a child within, unleashed and wild. Allow the escort to bring that child out, play with her and let her read a bedtime story every night; make this vacation a magical one. No matter who you are and where you hail from, the escort wouldn’t pry into your personal life. Everything is private and confidential, and when you plan to have an all inclusive service, do make the bookings ahead in time.

What you need to know.

1. Book now- there would be a booking time or buffer which needs to be followed. For example, give our agency a call at least a day before you need the services, so that we could serve you better. 2. Safety for our newest escorts- in keeping with the safety concerns, our girls would travel with you on weekend getaways, extensive international trips and more, only to places as deemed fit and safe to travel by reputed travel guides. 3. Method of travel- at all times our young ladies would travel with their clients in the best possible manner. For example, if the trip is by train, our hot young girls would only travel by first class and in the shortest span of time possible. The same would be with flights, economy for a short flight less than four hours, for longer hauls and flight duration, business class only. 4. Concierge help- need help booking tickets and don’t know where to go or who to trust, contact us. As a member with us, we would ensure you get the best train and airfares, travel arrangements and one of a kind international booking too. This would be all inclusive with the deals you do with us, when you book for services to use involving one of out hot young girls.

Considerations while booking.

1. Please do remember most of our young escorts are still college goers or have just begun full time jobs to support their private and personal lives. This is why we ask you to book in advance, so that the high class girls and escorts are informed in advance and proper arrangements are made to satiate all your needs. 2. Prepayment or milestone payments would be required for international clients looking to take our newest escorts abroad, for a weekend or a month and more. 3. Time frame for the services begins from the moment our hot and new escort lands at your doorstep until she departs. Travel expenses for the same would be borne by our agency. While we would like you to enjoy the services of hot and young women, newest escorts and corporate wives, we would also ask you to be a gentleman while doing so. Our escorts too need their private time; sleep, hygiene care and getting in touch with her private life too. Hence, do allow her to make room and time for the same, and forcing her to do what she doesn’t want or hasn’t decided upon is strictly forbidden. Women love gentlemen, which is what our hot and sexy escorts look forward to.

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