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HK Escort Service

innerHigh class escort service is available all over Hongkong.

Anywhere in Hongkong you can get escort service.

General Information about HK.

Honkong, also known with its initials as HK is located on the south coast of China. It is enclosed by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta. This city is known for its deep natural harbors and expansive skyline. It has a very interesting landscape and people just throng this city in China. It offers a lot of interesting places where you and HK escort service escort can enjoy.

HK Incall Service.

If you have no provision to meet your escort at your hotel or home, we have arrangements for incall escort service too at our luxury incall location at HK. This arrangement is mostly done for our repeat clientele at a surcharge of course.

HK High class Escort Service.

The ladies of our HK escort service live all over Hongkong. They are the best at their job and are available at a short notice. But the earlier you book, the better, as may be the escort you want may be already booked for the day. Our escorts will visit you in your hotel room or home within 1 or 2 hours too, if it was not possible for you to book earlier.

  • Yvonne

    Yvonne 20 Yrs
  • Veronica

    Veronica 22 Yrs
  • Stella

    Stella 20 Yrs
  • Sonia

    Sonia 23 Yrs
  • Selena

    Selena 21 Yrs
  • Scarlet

    Scarlet 22 Yrs
  • Salma

    Salma 20 Yrs
  • Riana

    Riana 26 Yrs
  • Ria

    Ria 24 Yrs
  • Pearl

    Pearl 22 Yrs
  • Nina

    Nina 27 Yrs
  • Nikita

    Nikita 20 Yrs
  • Monique

    Monique 19 Yrs
  • Moni

    Moni 20 Yrs
  • Mille

    Mille 22 Yrs
  • Lulu

    Lulu 20 Yrs
  • Lola

    Lola 22 Yrs
  • Linda

    Linda 20 Yrs
  • Leria

    Leria 26 Yrs
  • Kate

    Kate 23 Yrs
  • Jolie

    Jolie 22 Yrs
  • Janet

    Janet 21 Yrs
  • Ilona

    Ilona 18 Yrs
  • Holly

    Holly 20 Yrs
  • Harper

    Harper 20 Yrs
  • Gaby

    Gaby 22 Yrs
  • Evie

    Evie 28 Yrs
  • Emma

    Emma 21 Yrs
  • Dara

    Dara 19 Yrs
  • Danda

    Danda 20 Yrs
  • Cora

    Cora 25 Yrs
  • Chanel

    Chanel 29 Yrs
  • Celine

    Celine Yrs
  • Alice

    Alice 23 Yrs
  • Cassandra

    Cassandra 22 Yrs
  • Antonia

    Antonia 22 Yrs
  • Amelia

    Amelia 26 Yrs
  • Alesha

    Alesha 20 Yrs
  • Zia

    Zia 19 Yrs
  • Yakuro

    Yakuro 20 Yrs
  • Vike

    Vike 18 Yrs
  • Vena

    Vena 22 Yrs
  • Tricia

    Tricia 20 Yrs
  • Tiana

    Tiana 23 Yrs
  • Suki

    Suki 18 Yrs
  • Saki

    Saki 21 Yrs
  • Saiame

    Saiame 19 Yrs
  • Rena

    Rena 26 Yrs
  • Rave

    Rave 23 Yrs
  • Preta

    Preta 20 Yrs
  • Musa

    Musa 22 Yrs
  • Muimui

    Muimui 23 Yrs
  • Mirian

    Mirian 24 Yrs
  • Miko

    Miko 22 Yrs
  • Maris

    Maris 27 Yrs
  • Maddi

    Maddi 22 Yrs
  • Linda

    Linda 18 Yrs
  • Lima

    Lima 21 Yrs
Our girls are always available for escort service in Hongkong.

Your stay in HK.


Our escorts visit only 4-star hotels or more. She can visit your hotel or home in Hongkong. The escort will come to your home or hotel as discreetly as possible, she’s ready to even walk the last bit, instead of the cab-driver dropping her at your doorstep to maintain secrecy. The only problem is at a hotel, some hotels require all visitors to identify themselves and they’ll call you up at your room. Under such circumstances, you can come to accompany our HK escort. Otherwise you can also make arrangements to meet her in the lobby or restaurant of the hotel and accompany her to your room. Our escort will be at your service, as you ask for it.

Entertainment and Restaurants in HK.

There is no dearth of high class modern restaurants in HK. Our escorts enjoy quiet romantic dinner dates and will leave you feeling fresh for the rest of the evening, part of which will be spent in the bedroom. The profile of each of our escorts states which cuisine she enjoys the most, so that your task is made easier. This enables you to make bookings in a restaurant where you get food of her choice. This will make her happy and comfortable too. Escorts mostly prefer 4-star or more restaurants because it provides a discreet and quiet atmosphere. The greatest advantage is people won’t disturb you or walk up to you and start a conversation because of the etiquette course followed. This enables you to have a private dinner with the escort of your choice, after-all you have paid money to enjoy the evening. You shouldn’t leave a possibility for somebody coming and ruining your evening, just because the restaurant you booked a dinner table was not suitable for this kind of meeting. Everybody wants to get every penny’s worth in any kind of service and the same is in this case, though it’s not mandatory.

Delight Girls

Your can call us between 10.00am and 24.00pm on the following number.

+(852) 8100 4598

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