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The Couples Show

Allow yourself to be massaged with a deep, hot oil fingertip rub, then shiver as feathers gently tickle your cares away.

Drizzle oil all over yourself and have your partner massage your sensitive, erogenous areas…

Handcuff your model and have your way with her, agree to a over-powering fantasy.

Geisha bath with candlelight, beautiful music and champagne.

Let your partner paint your erogenous zones with a small paintbrush and honey.. while you’re handcuffed and defenseless!.

Have your partner slather herself liberally with hot oil, then breast massage you – both sides.

Try asking yourpartner to hum while she fellates you. Nothing like reverberating pressure to skyrocket …

Have your partner slowly lick chocolate off your entire body.


Be tantalized by a light spanking while handcuffed. More erotic than you think!

Have a model in PVC rub all over your oiled body, squeaking and sliding!

Be a giver – massage your partner with her own vibrator, and watch her delight

Have your partner wear no panties to dinner, play how-far-will-you-go…

Let your partner restrain you, then lick and kiss you all over – except where you want it!

The result – out of this world intimacy, and mind-shattering orgasm!

Have a stunning Delightgirls model chat you up and seduce you in a public place where your acquaintances can watch and seethe with jealousy.

Discover the meaning of the ‘Spanish’ position – stimulation between two full, ripe breasts pressed around you

Have a Delightgirls model arrive in a large coat with nothing underneath. Allow her entry and let her tease you further..

Watch erotic movies as you drink champagne and eat from her breasts

Handcuff your partner, have her bi-sexual friend watch as you ravage her. Her turn comes next..

Be handcuffed and have 2 or 3 models working on you at once. Blissful torture! ( Extra change)

Be blindfolded and behold the delights that await your other senses.

Blindfold each other and feeeeel your way!