Escorts Personal Safety and Security Practices

This is supposed to be of extreme significance to any girl out there, whatever the scenario. Never be tempted by offers that appear too good to be true, since they nearly always are! You need to always remember that no offer will be worth doing whatever you feel uneasy about or endangering your security. Learn from these girls at this Medellin escorts agency.

Make an effort to stick to customers that are registered members of review newsgroups that are on-line. Constantly request their handle so you can check their online identity.

Ask other escorts. It is an excellent solution to contact another escort who is able to check a fresh customer's identity and affirm they are not dangerous.

Be quite clear and upfront of what you're willing to do and what you aren't willing to do BEFORE being with a new customer.

If you're going to meet with your new customer at their location, make sure you leave the address with a close buddy who's conscious of what you're doing and understands when you ought to be anticipated to return.

Do not permit the specific situation to escalate. Do everything you can to stay as calm as you can and comply with their demands. You would like to make them feel at ease in the event that you happen to be in a state of misery. This kind of scenario has to be managed very carefully to ensure your security.

You do possess the choice of carrying a weapon of some kind when you're on your own with new customers, for example pepper spray. Just be sure that you'll have the ability to use the weapon you are carrying before trying to defend yourself with it, so as to prevent having it taken from you and being overpowered. Consistently await the perfect instant to take such action.