Advice For New Escorts

After getting started in the Escort business and working for several agencies, including this one for escorts in Bogota. I've assembled a helpful set of things to avoid, things to anticipate and other things.

Never offer full service without condoms, don't be convinced by customers requesting this kind of service. You do not need to wind up for the remainder of your life with something like herpes or worse AIDS. Protect yourself consistently, no matter the cash amount involved.

Steer clear of prospective customers who contact you with outrageous or disturbing requests/dreams. This really is generally an excellent indication they're dangerous to meet with in person.

Avoid giving advance sessions freebies or reductions to customers. This doesn't carry an extremely professional image to your customers either. Adhere to rates and be strict. Individuals are going to have more regard for you and also you will not damage your customer relationships.

Get STD screenings and regular medical checkups. No approach is full proof; errors are possible. Condoms break, things occur. Constantly make sure to remain upgraded in regards to your own personal well-being. Make sure you're utilizing a type of birth control additionally, in case condoms fail you.

It is possible that you might be arrested by under-cover law enforcement agents, so always keep at least a couple of hundred dollars tucked away somewhere and additionally leave directions for a close buddy, in the event you happen to be detained, to take care of bailing you out.

Things to Anticipate:

Nervous, evasive or paranoid new customers. This is hardly unusual, particularly when you have not met the man yet. Many customers have wives, families, public images and significant jobs. Until you've created some degree of trust (typically this occurs after 2-4 meetings) then you ought to anticipate a specific degree of feeling awkwardness from them. It is not only you that's to be concerned about the meeting! Do not be surprised if some men demand to know if you're a police woman before seeing you. Simply do what you can to assure the guys and make the experience pleasurable and relaxing. The guys will nearly consistently express their gratitude.

Cash is typically not discussed between in person. A similar rate will be used by most experienced customers for paying you. Generally, when you greet one another and first arrive in person a white envelope will be place by them someplace observable, without saying anything. Occasionally they'll suggest that it is for you, but they may well not verbally declare it, when they can be nervous or skittish. The right method to start collecting your payment will be to leave the envelope including your "gift" outside in the open.

Some of your customers will grow some type of further interest at some stage. At least in my own personal expertise, this really is quite common and could be expressed in several distinct methods. Through time, I have developed some really close friendships with a few of my customers. This has been quite rewarding and I've formed some close bonds using a select few who I still see now. Although this may occasionally make it awkward when meeting them it generally does not become a major issue if you just spend time together when you are having an appointment.

I'd normally deter other escorts from accepting offers to meet up with clients outside of appointments or to go out with them. The only means that I think is okay is if there's a common romantic interest between the customer and you. But if this is true, then I guess you'd be dating afterwards.

Do not forget, these are merely a few of the fundamentals and a great part of these issues will change greatly for each individual. Take charge of your activities, play by your own rules, do not be affected by others and always be safe.